Best setup help

Lets start with the hardware:

WDTV Hub connected to ethernet to router and tv through HDMI

WDTV SMP connected to wifi to same router and different tv through HDMI

4bay NAS with 1 HDD[currently] connected to hub through USB

I use the media library on both. When I rebuild the library on the hub [due to it always putting TV episodes out of order] The SMP drops access to the HUB internal and the NAS until i rebuild it again. This is a vicious cycle because the media library blows. on top of that its slow as molasses.

Ican turn off the media library on the hub and select drives and select local and internal or NAS/HDD1 and i can flop back n forth depending on what i plan to watch. this is a pain and also cant seem to do this on the SMP. I want consistancy between the 2 devices for easier use between TVs for wife and kids.

There is the media server connection however it forces the dumb directory structure of all, videos, folder, by date… etc. if i could automatically go to folder and continue through the path and start there everytime it wouldnt be so bad, but you cant, have to start at the beginning everytime and navigate through the path… again… annoying!

I am wondering the best setup to use to make both function the same while both accessing the same content [hub internal, NAS/HDD1 and eventually NAS/HDD2,3,4] WITHOUT using the media library feature. 

 thanks for your help

I’ve got a couple of things in mind, but none are going to be convenient

for both these options of coarse turn off the media library

  1. use relative playlist to point to the other shares

the problem you will have with this is that the WD’s if you reboot will not mount shares you have not attempted to access

so you’d have to access 1 share, say the hubs internal hdd to have it mounted and available

then store the .m3u on the NAS go to the NAS and now you see all your NAS media + a working .m3u

hack it and mount the shares manually whereever you like

maybe on an attached thumbdrive and access everything as local media

i do not like the trouble with the playlists idea

i like the hack idea but there are no hacks for hub, only smp

what about connecting NAS to PC, setup a network share, map the hub internal to PC and setup network share.

then connect both devices to the 2 network shares or similar.

but would this bring me to using the dumb folder structure starting with …date, all video, genre, folder…etc? cause i hate that setup

there’s no custom firmware for the hub, but the same hack that works on the smp works on the hub

if you search the net there’s examples of what’s needed and wdlxtv community can help

it’s something you’ll have to put together yourself

but is not difficult

edit 1 xml

and write one script - of which the code there’s plenty of examples online

but even if you go the hack route, it’s still not convient

because everytime you restart, you’ll need cmd line access to mount the shares