WDTV streaming to multiple TVs


i currently have a first gen WDTV unit connect to my HD and my TV for viewing.

i wish to now send that same signal to another TV in my house wirelessly.

what WD hardware to i need to upgeade to to achieve this please?

i assume i need a WDTV live (main unit connected to my HD) then maybe a WD livewire or WD livehub set up at the second TV???



Using a WD TV LIve Hub you can stream content to other WD TV media players or DLNA compatible device.  I would recommend using a Livewire instead of wireless, since you will have much better signal.

I am using two SMP’s in a similar configuration to what you are asking. I have one SMP in my living room connected directly to my USB HDD and I have enabled sharing on that drive through the SMP setup menu. On the second unit, I just tell it to connect to the shared HDD from the living room and everything works great. Just have to remember that you can only use the media library feature on one SMP since enabling it on more than one will corrupt the media library database for both SMP’s.

with having the live wire unit at the second TV would i need to have an ethernet port coming from my wall to the LW unit?

is there a wireless solution that is stable?

if so, please explain in detail as i am a noob.


main unit:


secondary unit:

TV >HDMI> WD livewire (wireless?)

also, can anyone tell me if i can plug in 2 seperate 2Tb drives into the WD TV Live Hub?