New networking setup

Hi all, hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Been searching for the basics / setup info diagram for the following

I have had a wdtv live HD for a year now which Im very happy with but Im now considering buying a wdtv live hub

I want to hold media files on the hub and stream to the wdtv live

I have a compatible dongle with the live I use to get online and I also have a media wifi bridge that I would intend to use for the ethernet connection on the live hub. WHere can I find an overv iew / operating setup procedures for configuration etc.

Or maybe Iv missed something out - ie NAS

The SMP can access the live hub with the twonky server or as a shared folder, but both of them must be part of the same network.

you can stream SD wirelessly, but HD might be a problem. if you can attach both the Live hub and the Live HD wired, you will be much happier. 

Alucardx23 is correct, both need to be on the same network,

and you probably don’t want to use both at the same time - i.e. the hub playing one video while the Live HD plays another from the hub.