WD HD TV + Seagate FreeAgent 3tb GoFlex

I have been reading this thread, BUT could not find an answer that works for me.

I have a WD HD TV media player(running 1.03) and just got a new Seagate FreeAgent 3Tb GoFlex Desk 3.5" External USB hdd.
Would like to USE all the space, And does not matter if i need to partition the drive. Cause i know the Media player can only see a 2Tb drive.
Iv spent the last few days making and removing different size partitions, trying to get BOTH parts seen on the wd hd TV player.

Any ideas Please, be this drives me up the wall.
many Thanks.

As per WD none of the WDTV support 3 TB drives yet, no matter if you partition the drive in three  1tb partition or two 1.5 TB, it won’t take it.