WD Green Drive Warranty "Out of region?"

I bought a WD Green a while back from PC world, recently it’s been acting up; freezing when I access it, files such as 30mb take ages to move or open, so yesterday I decided to test it using HDTune and the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows from the WD support site, HDTune shows it has a Current Pending Sector error and when I try to do a extended or quick scan with the WD Tool, it gives me an error saying it couldn’t run/finish the test. After that I decided to check if the warranty was still valid, and I found out it was but it also had a “Out of region” error next to it. 

Can I not RMA the drive even though I purchased this myself in the UK? Can someone help me, I seem to have really REALLY bad luck with HDD’s 

Thank you.

Bump? I really need help with this 


Try to contact WD via email or by phone service, they will update your drive region. You can find their contact information on their website.