Out of region!?

One of my WD Passport Ultra (2TB) which is less than a month old has failed, all i get is an I/O error :frowning:

wont work in any machine, tried to do an RMA on the support page only to come accross issues (no surprise)

Says my warranty expires 11/17/2017, yet i cant raise a simple RMA for this defective device due to

some ‘Out of region’ cr4p?

Please help? as i have a brand new broken £90 drive sat here which i need replaced asap :frowning:

Hi there, on this case i suggest contacting support for help on this matter. What could have happened was that perhaps you purchased on a different region than the one it already has:


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Contacting support to create an RMA but this was my first point of call (hence why im here posting for help)

Fiding where to create a ticket was hidden away, which im now doing, the thing its developed a fault within a

month & it doesnt matter where it was bought imo the region thing is nonsense tbh, it’s still a new wd passport

under warranty regardless of where it was purchsed, i just cant see why i cant make a simple rma without having

to make a ticket, dissapointing from WD :frowning: