Fed up with WD 20EARX Green drive

hello guys

By mistake i bought wd20EARX 2TB From 10-12 days ago ,the very next day i have to rma it due to bad sector n freezing ,now yesterday i got new 2tb 20EARX Drive ,after installing ,wehn i run the hd tune i got lots of damaga block :frowning:

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows is also not able to fix it ,its showing error :frowning:

now what should i do ? should i rma it again or is there any method tho fix it ?

all the 2 TB green are fail drive or what ? :angry:


Contact WD and request another model number, I have seen it before they will provide you with another model number if you are having issues with your drive.

i have already sendย  the drive ,i will contact them regarding it !! hope they will do something about it

thanks buddy for suggestion :slight_smile: