WD Gold 4TB Drives and Startech Drive Enclosure

Hi – I’ve purchased a Startech 2-drive enclosure with USB 3.1 and RAID support, along with 2 WD Gold 4 TB drives. I intend to use the drives in RAID 1 mode.

Previously, with both drives in the enclosure, neither drive was visible. I tested with other SATA drives and found one of the WD drives was the culprit, so I returned that one. I’ve just received another WD Gold 4 TB drive from WD, have them both in JBOD mode for testing, and I now find that only one of the drives is visible in Windows Disk Manager.

Are there incompatibilities between these drives and the Startech RAID drive enclsoure (model S352BU313R)? Any tips on getting both drives recognized?