WD Drive Utilities Doesnt recognize drives for RAID Config

Greetings! Recently one of the drives in my My Book Duo died. I ordered two identical 3TB WD Red drives to replace the existing two 2TB drives. Sadly I previously had it set for RAID 0. After installing the drives Drive Utilities does not recognize the drives, and the Duo itself doensnt have any lights for Drive one or Drive two. I can take the hard drives out and plug them into a “toaster” and they work perfectly. I have tried formatting for Mac as well as ExFAT. Any ideas?

Hello johnwick,

As both drives are working fine with another enclosure and also checked with different file formats, issue might be with the My Book Duo enclosure. You can check the My Book Duo enclosure with the previous one 2TB drive and check whether you are able to access its data or not.