WD EX2 ULTRA hdd spin down issue

I purchased a WD EX2 ultra recently, and put in two 2 TB hdds in RAID1.
The hdds were tested on a desktop for a month and they work and spin-down perfectly without any issue.
The firmware on the WD EX2 is also the latest.

When I put the WD EX2 to hibernate, I hear the HDD head click at the last instant while it is powering off completely.
I think the system is powering off before the HDD spins down completely.

Is this a normal issue with the WD EX2. Are there any fixes.
Got no reply from WD support.


##TO WD support team: pls fix the issue as it might affect the service life of the hdd. The system needs to give more delay between hdd spin down and complete power off.



Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Make sure you run a system diagnostic to make sure that the unit is working properly.

See page 91-92 of the user manual

Thanks For the reply. I am already using the diagnostic tests regularly.
I would like to know if the click sound at the end of the power down is normal with any HDD in the WD EX2.
I am using Toshiba DT01ACA200 in RAID1.

Please pass this spin down issue to the main technical team involved in the firmware development.
A patch/fix is requested asap as this puts the whole RAID array at risk even if it is RAID1 as the same problem applies to both HDDs at the same time at every power down
A much higher delay should be incorporated between head park, spin down and total system power down.
This is in the interest of the total service life of the HDD and the data involved.

By the way NAS & HDDs are quite expensive stuff and are used to store very critical information.


You should add this to the Cloud ideas board for a better discovery by the WD developer team.