EX2 Ultra not swich to sleep mode since over week, working 24h

Hi everyone
This is my first topic. I have WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra + 2 x 5TB Seagate HDD. I use device over 3 month and all working fine. But over week ago i coppy my old external hdd 2,5 TB to My Cloud, and since this time storage working 24h, looks like indexing all files ?? this is very anoin, because device working, day , night also hdd is very hot and i think is very bad for hdd working without any rest. Its happened oi think because is lot of the files, videos, picture. Today i try pull out one hhd where is coppy of my old external hdd, and leave only one disk with just fev movie, some picture around 20GB. Everything fine, after 30 min device switch to sleep , when i connect again socond disk they start again indexing or something. I try reset system to default factory but its not resolve problem.

Anybody can give me some advice, help ??



I recommend you contact WD support for assistance with this.