WD Essentials not spinning up properly

My somewhat old external drive is acting funny. I used it a few months ago fine. Sitting on my shelf in the bedroom since then. I plugged it in on Friday and i can feel it spin up, while plugged in to my macbook. 

However, it spins up for maybe 15-20 seconds, Clicks, spins up again, clicks, and then spins down. 

Wrapped it in seran wrap and left it in the freezer for an hour and it did the same thing. 

my wifes did this with hers (same model) about 5-6 months ago and i think I finally tossed it. 

Any tricks or tips to get it to come back for an afternoon? Most of what I had was music which is now ‘safely’ in the cloud, but I never copied my christmas music, and I dont rememeber what else was on there (not too imporant if I cant remember right :wink:

thats a symptom of head failure buddy. not a DIY type of practice to gain access to the drive