WD Essential, how to check back up

Hi all

I have a WD Passport Essential and I use a SmartWare Sw for BAck up (v 1116)

The back up files are not in the folder WD Smartware.sstor but in the  folder WD Smartware. I do not why

In the folder I see 5 folders with these type of names C45677Er545454T656565 and each folder PART of my data 

Is that ok???

Thanks in advance


Hi Freedom2004, welcome to the WD Community. Be sure to have the latest Smartware version installed (2.4.6), older versions use the same folder names you mention.

Smartware download:



Thanks for the answer. Now I have downloaded the new  version 2.4.6.

The SW is freezed, the progress bar does not move.  Should I change the FW of the External Drive as well ?