Delete WD_Smartware Folder

My disk is running WD Smartware 2.4.16. It is almost full, but a large amount of space is taken up with backup stored under the WD_SmartWare folder. From other posts I gather this folder was used in older versions of WD Smartware, but now back up data is stored in WD SmartWare.swtore.

Can I safely delete the entire WD_Smartware folder assuming all the back-ups I need are now being stored in WD SmartWare.swtore? I have successfully run backups with the new version of the software (probably for several years). Are the old files independent?

Are there any files or folders in WD_SmartWare I should keep

@BrettT There is a newer update for SmartWare if you want to install it.

I have this.

Where are you seeing the folder you are talking about, is it on your computer?

If it is an older version of SmartWare you can delete it if you feel like you no longer need it. See example image below from my computer>downloads.


For the latest version of SmartWare use this link,

Thanks, I noticed when I was checking the software version for the post that it wasn’t the most current. It is meant to update automatically so I will check why it has not and get current.

The folder that I am talking about is on my WD external drive where the backups are stored. These are the folders at the first level

The folders before the two WD folders are files I have stored directly on the disk without using WD Smartware. Then there is WD SmartWare.swstore which I think is the active backup folder and WD_SmartWare which I think is old

I have pasted below is the the contents of the WD_SmartWare folder. It looks like old backups, but I just would like some confirmation before I delete them. What are your thoughts?