Delete SmartWare Backup - Start New SmartWare Backup (No Drive Erase)

     I have a WD MyBook Essential 2TB external hard drive. I use WD SmartWare to backup files from my primary desktop machine (running Windows 7) and I also store other files on the external drive separate from the SmartWare backup files.

     I want to delete the existing SmartWare backup (files) and start a new SmartWare backup of my desktop machine. I do not, however, want to erase or reformat the entire MyBook Essential external hard drive.

     I’ve read one can simply delete the Smartware.swstor folder to accomplish this. To clarify this further……

     Do I delete the entire Smartware.swstor folder using Windows Explorer or do I leave the Smartware.swstor folder and delete the sub-folders and contents contained therein? When doing this should I temporarily disable the backup within SmartWare?

     If I delete the entire Smartware.swstor folder (and its contents) within Windows Explorer will the SmartWare software then create a new Smartware.swstor folder and commence backing up files pursuant to the previously established backup plan automatically? (Or if advised to temporarily disable the backup when I re-enable the backup within SmartWare)?

     I appreciate your time and expertise….

Hello and welcome to the community,

You may delete the “WDSmartware.Swstor” folder and WD Smartware will create the folder again once you start the new backup.

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Thanks…I appreciate your time and assistance.

When I try to delete the WD Smartware.swstor folder it tells me I need administrative rights. I went and changed the rights but am still being blocked for the same reason.

It specifically says You’ll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder