Erase My Passport and start afresh

I have approximately the same need as the five year old post below. A reply from wizer says: Delete the backup folder ( smartware_stor) from the drive. Where in my string [WD SmartWare.swstor → ASUS-PC → Volume.21c194c4.8dd5.11e0.8d98.806e6f6e6963 → Users → myname-ASUS → various folders including Document, Pictures etc.] is the equivalent of smartware_store.
Thanks for suggestions.

You don’t say what device you are using, but, if it is a Windows PC have you ever tried selecting what you want to delete then doing a right click and selecting delete.

Have you read the User Manual for your My Passport?

I am using My Passport on a Windows 7 PC. One of the replies to the 2012 post says to delete smartware_stor. I am trying to understand what it is I need to right click on for my specific My Passport; is it WDSmartware.swstor on my string? And yes, I have read very much before resorting to posting here.

What you right click on depends on what you want to delete.

I have a WD My Cloud and have both my desktop and laptop backed up to it. A couple of years back when I bought a new Laptop after moving everything from my old one to the new one I erased what was on My Cloud for the old one and backed up the new one, now shown as Laptop 2. See image below. If I wanted to delete Laptop 2 now I would have to choose it and right click then click Delete.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

If I wanted to delete everything I have backed up to WD SmartWare.swstor then I would choose that and right click on it and click on Delete or the big red X on the ribbon with Delete under it. It is no different than when I want to delete something on one of my computers.