Can't remove a backups WD Smartware

I have done a backup using WD SmartWare. There was a power cut and my PC rebooted. 52GB of data had been backed up. After rebooting my PC I saw WD Smartware was showing the 52gb backup that I had done.

I tried to remove that backup by trying to delete a folder called “WD SmartWare.swstor” It looks like it’s being deleted. The folder size is 52GB. But after being deleted I can still see the folder and its contents are still there.

If I try again it gets deleted or so it seems but it doesn’t won’t go away. How do I delete this backup that I had done with WD Smartware?

Are you seeing the folder on the drive or trough the application?

Deleted the folder on the drive and then uninstall and reinstall the software.