Cleaning Up My Backup As It Seems To Be Getting Full

  1. On my G DRIVE I have a WD SmartWare.swstor and a WD_SmartWare folder.  Why do I have these two folders and can I delete one?  I could be wrong but both folders appears to have all the same things in them.

  2. In the WD_SmartWare folder, I see a bunch of folders with names like 2CAD80AFDE0D41F8AA7DE206B3501ACE and 6ED30106A6BB4D0492C2C0A977BB4E30, etc… What are these and can some of them be deleted?

Basically what is safe to remove?

Thank you!!

I think that the “WD_SmartWare folder” is the one that has the smartware installation, you can delete this folder if you want. The other folder is the one that has the smartware backup, don’t delete that one, unless you don’t need your backup.