Can't delete additional files

I have 204GB backed up on my WD My Book and 2.5TB of additional files. I have run out of space and want to delete the additional files. I have already deleted all the files except the WDSmartWare.swstor folder. When I go to the E: drive via my computer, that is the only folder remaining. I have set my computer to show all hidden files. How do I find the “additional files” on the external drive so I can delete them and free up space? Any help would be appreciated!

Hello, the way that I would do it, is right click and click on properties on each folder and see where the files are, I would also see whats inside of the smartware folder, and see were the files are there.

Thank you for your suggestion. However the only folder I can see via my computer is the smartware folder. Any other folders I had already deleted, yet the additional files are still on the external hard drive when I access it via the smartware software.

When I right click/click properties on the smartware folder, it only contains what I expect it to contain.

Any other ideas? :blush:

Hi, did you enable “show hidden files and folder”?, other than that I have no idea where the files could be going.

Here, you can see how to enable “show hidden files and folder”, if you have another version of Windows that is not Win 7 or Vista, let me know and I can explain you how to do it.

Thanks again, but I had already enabled hidden files and folders.
WD Support have been no help. They sent me an email saying they would call yesterday at a specified time, but never did.
I may have to take a chance a reformat the external hard drive and start from scratch with the backup!

I’m sorry to read that you are still having the same issue, I have sent your information to your tech support.

Thanks again for your help. I had a call from WD support this morning and it is sorted. The additional files showing in the WD software were actually located in the WDSmartWare.swstor folder. This is apparently unusual as they should normally be separate to the smartware folder.

For some reason the software was backing up lots of copies of my Outlook files (over 2TB). The hard drive on my laptop is only 500GB!

Same or very simular problem here…i just formated my pc…i did 2 complete factory resets of my WD “My Cloude”…and installed,removed and installed again the SmartWare software.
If i check the harddisk content (windows is set to not hide folders and files) via network the disk is empty (well i did do the complete factory reset so that’s normal) if i open SmartWare i get additional files 37GB … i tryed removing the WDSmartWare.swstor via network and then reseting the HD but still…

How can i get rid of this ghost 37GB of data?