Deleting off Hard drive

I’m having an issue when trying to remove content off my external hard drive I just bought. It’s a My Book Essential 2TB and when I want to add something, like a folder of a tv series season for example, I drag it into the My Book Drive. 

I don’t bother going into the other folders, it’s easier this way to just drag it in. So if I don’t want lets say Two and a half men season 1 anymore, I right click and delete it. It’s gone (from what I can see), but when I open WD Smartware, where it shows the breakdown of whats on your PC and whats on your hard drive, the size does not go down.

I could be at 20 gigs. And then delete something thats 10 gigs. Why does it continue to show 20 gigs? Where do I have to go to properly remove it.

I’ve ejected and closed WD Smartware, but it continues to show the size when it theory it should drop if I removed that content. So I’m pretty sure it’s not being properly removed and it exists on the drive somewhere, but I cannot locate it.

Any help? 

Thank you.

Hi, you can explore the smartware.swstor folder inside the external hard drive and delete the files that you don’t need. But I’m not sure if you need to delete the files from the computer to avoid smartware from backing up the files again. If smartware still shows the wrong number you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it again. 

If I understood your response correct, I don’t think my hard drive is backing up the files I deleted again. Because I cannot find them at all on the harddrive. When I right click and select delete, they don’t appear to be anywhere on the harddrive. 

The problem is, while the content doesn’t appear to be there, the space still seems to be used. If I uninstall, will it delete everything on my harddrive or will everything stay there and I’ll have it once I re-install?

Any other thoughts, advice? 

If you uninstall smartware it wont delete your backup, once you reinstall it, it should rescan the external hard drive and show the correct info.