Re: Smartware

Under the “Home” tab of Smarware, in the list of backed up files beneath the target My Book device image, is a section that reads “Other Back-ups”, in my case it shows the amount of “Other Backups” to be 406.0 GB. Can any one tell me what those “Other Backups” are? and is it possible to delete them if they are not necessary?

And below the “Other Backups” section, there’s a grey “Additional Files” section, in my case 2.0 TB worth! 

Are these amounts of “Other” and “Additional” files cluttering up the drive?

In my case, my “C” drive has only (approx) 70.0GB on it, but my My Book (3.0TB) is getting close to being full.

Thanks for any info, or a link to the relevant info.


“Other Backups” are files WD SmartWare is detecting as belonging to other computers stored within your disk drive, or backups recognized by WD SmartWare as created or managed by other applications like Windows Backup. “Additional Files” are on the other hand, files that have been manually added to your disk drive without using WD SmartWare, or backups WD SmartWare is unable to continue.

Thank you J Staff.

So can I delete these “other” files in order to create more space on the drive? If so how do I do that? Do I need to re-format the entire drive and start again?

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If the files are inside the SmartWare.swstor folder, erasing content may result in WD SmartWare losing track of the current backup and may need to start over.