SmartWare has filled up Passport - how to delete backup?

I can’t find how to remove the backups on my Passport. SmartWare has completely filled up the Passport. I can’t tell which file is (or files are) backups, to delete them.

Then I need to delete SmartWare. But that’s a later step.



You can actually locate the Smartware backups inside the backup folder. This folder is located in the root of your Passport and it is called “WDSmartware.swstor”. You can browse this folder and delete the backups or files you don’t want. 

Thanks, Hamlet.

I couldn’t tell which were backups and which were .dlls needed by SmartWare. I ended up removing SmartWare and all other WD software, then formatting the drive.

A few months ago, I took off files (elsewhere on the drive) that were important to me when SmartWare filled the drive earlier, but this time it was packed to the top and, like I say, I had no idea which files were backup and which were .exes and .dlls needed by SmartWare.