Can't find WD SmartWare folder

Have a 2 TB WD Cloud. Less than 500 Gb are folders I can see and read. I also use WD SmartWare for backup to the same drive. The drive is full so back-up can’t complete.
I can’t find the backup folder on my WD drive as I want to delete it and reset my backup.

Please advice

Hi Deepthroat,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know the backup location.

I followed the steps in the link.

  1. Open the volume from a supported My Book or WD Passport drive.
  2. By default, WD SmartWare creates a folder named WDSmartWare.swstor; and WD Backup creates a folder named WDBackup.swstor. Open the WDSmarWare.swstor folder, or WDBackup.swstor folder.

I am connected to MyCloud dive with Ethernet cable now and not WiFi as earlier though I don’t see a difference in this(?) However there are no WDSmartWare.swstor or WDBackup.swstor folders on the drive. Did a search for them but no result.

Can see that the back-up is still taking up space but are ghosts. :ghost: