WD Ements 500G no partition recognized, too many bad serctors

Dear WD support team and sympathizers.

We have an Elemets external drive 500G (WDBUZG500ABK) containing valuable for us.
Also, have no money for a data-recovery company, and we are in Greece(no dealers here), we have to solve it our self.
We need a diagnosis, I mean We need to know what it is the problem to act, and information in what can we do or software we can use, will be very welcome.

Out of the sudden Stop working (no apparent drops or shocks/hits).
We Run the recommended tests. (below are listed the outputs).
-The drive seams to spin by a quiet noise(of motor),
-No clicking, only one single click in about 2 minutes(on windows).
-Not recognize on windows7 neither Linux (Ubuntu).
-DiscManager from windows can see the disc with all the space but no partition, and ask to “Initialize Disc”.
-Gparted (on Linux) returns “Input/output error during read on /dev/sda” and after (manually) ignoring it several times, shows the capacity but “unallocated”.
-On “WD Drive Utilities” shows “Attach a supported WD Drive”.
-On “Western Digital Data LifeGard Diagnostics”: Drive it is recognized and serial, size and firmware version (1065) shown. on “Quick Test” "DLGDIAG for windows shows “08-Too many bad sectors detected.”. and S.M.A.R.T. status “Not Available”.

Different Cables, computers, ports have been tried.

So, what it is or could be the problem?
What can i do to try to recover the data?
Please: I do not look for a replacement, send it to factory or loose the data, neither nonsense reboot the computer like answers.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Samu,

We have sent you a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.

To try to recover the data, i will need to know the default/factory/original partition table style/format or partitions.
Could someone tell me or could i find it somewhere?
Thank you…