Wd elements 500gb 1023 no more recognized by system

hi guys ,

today afternoon i found myslf in bit of a problem when my laptop didnt recognized my elements 500gb ext. hard disk i used just in the morning and now it was undetected .

i go to disk mangment i found it is there but  a black bar is showing with it and it says unlocated and not initialised  ,i right click but its not showing much options there only ofline ,initalise,properties are there.

i tried to initialised it but it says data is right protected.

guys pls help me i am in good trouble i have all my business data in it …pls someone help me on this .i have win 7 in my laptop.

Try with a different USB cable, no longer than 18 inches.  You may try also from a different computer.  If the issue persists you may need to contact WD for a replacement.  To get the data back you may take the drive to a data recovery specialist.