WD Elemets play - was working fine, now when connected says 'Can't find internal hard drive'

The media player was working fine, I unplugged it and moved it to a different location in my house and now when i connect it to my TV it says ‘Cant find internal hard drive’

PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

Let me suggest two experiments.

  1. Plug un external disk.  The unit is able to see and play form the external HD.?

  2. Plug the WD Elements play to the computer. The PC is able to see read from/write to the disk?

  3. test  if hardware work, and play a movie.

  4. test if internal HD is broken.

good luck

  1. I plugged external hard drive in and still comes up with ‘unabl to detect internal hard disk. please check’ but it does let me play movies from the external hard drive.

  2. Plugged WD into my laptop and it makes the beep and also gives a notice in the bottom left corner that a hard drive has been found but it doesnt show in ‘my computer’

Whats the outcome? do i need a new WD?


I have the same problem.

Please, does somebody can help us?