Unable to detect the internal hard disk

I have just been bought as a christmas present the 2tb WD Elements Play multimedia drive which was working fine until yesterday when i turned it on and recieved the following message  ( unable to detect the internal hard disk. please check.)

I have tried everything with no luck, even when i plug it into the computer nothing happens.




Dude, i’ve the exact same problem but I don’t know if it’s the media player or the internal hard drive. I have a WD Elements Play 2TB and it’s about 10 months old with 1.8 TB of Movies and TV Shows, everything i’ve downloaded in the past 10 years basically. All it says is “Unable to detect internal hard disk” but has been making alot of  hard drive noise prior to this. I’m probably gonna open it up and connect it to a Sata Kit and hopefully recover something, i’ll post the results but any help would be great;y appreciated before trying this as the warranty goes as soon as I open it but I really don’t care about getting a new one as i’d rather get my stuff back (",)