WD Elements Slow, Inconsistent Copying Speed


My Elements SE copying speed sometimes drops to 4 MB/s or less.

When copying a 15 GB file to my internal HDD, it started at 9 MB/s, dropped to 2 MB/s, then rose (very gradually) to 25 MB/s. The copying speed would occasionally drop a bit.

When copying a 9.38 GB file to the Elements SE, the copying speed dropped from around 5 MB/s to less than 1 MB/s

Sometimes my hardrive would lose its WD icon and have a generic label ( like Local Disk (H:) instead of what I named it.

What is wrong with my HDD?

That could happen if the elements has some corrupted files, use DLG to run a test, if the test completes successfully, do a backup of any important files and then format the elements. 



The test said that there were “Too many errors” and stopped.

What should I do now?

Try to run checkdisk.Right Click on the drive in my computer, click properties, select tools tab and check for error after it detects the errors repair it.