WD Elements 1TB slow transfer

I have 2 WD Elements 1TB drives which I use to store all of my photos on instead of clogging up my PC’s hard drive. They both have about 400GB on them. 

Yesterday, I was transferring the latest couple of folders across to the drives. 1 transferred fine, the other didn’t go so well.

The first folder transferred fine (took about a minute), then half way through the second folder the transfer rate almost stopped. The time remaining then went to 11 hours and everything I tried when accessing that drive took ages.

I disconnected and reconnected the drive, and that problem folder copied across fine, but then the subsequant folder had the same speed issue.

It seems like it can copy the first chunk of data across then it hits some sort of issue and from that point on it copies about 1MB/second. The folders I wanted to copy were around 4Gb so I would have been waiting a long time.

Do you think the drive is on the way out??


I recommend you run a diagnostic using WD DLG to verify the status of your drive.

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Hi, I ran the diagnostics,

It fails with

Status Code 7

Failed read test element

Failure Checkpoint 105

is there anything I can do?


Anyone fancy answering my query please

I don’t want to have to buy a new drive if it is fixable

Many Thanks