WD Elements portable drive won't mount after El Capitan Update 10.11.4

Hi there y’all, really needing some advice on this…

So I did an El Capitan update 10.11.4 and then my portable 2TB WD Elements drive which was plugged in at the time of updating, won’t mount at all, or show in disk utility, (the light is flashing) although in System Profiler under the USB hub, it recognises the drive is plugged in. Have tried various ways, restarted, reset the PRAM, tried a different usb3 cable, no avail.

Went to HEX - a local tech store, and they said it is showing up on windows, all files intact and similarly on their Macbook with Yosemite OS.

So I really don’t want to have to format it as there would be a gargantuan amount of recataloguing I would need to do as well as quite a large amount of file losses… And also because it seems unnecessary - people have said don’t get WD drive manager, that it messes things up, I can’t find any recent firmware updates for WD Elements, and evidently there is some problem between the drive and my mac reading it…

Help please!? My mac has a 1TB drive that was overheated during a fan failure so I can’t let my computer go unbacked up for long as if it dies I would lose years of work…

Not sure what my options even are, is there some update or extension I can try, or drive manager?

Would appreciate any input.

Hi. I had same problem. Went to Applications, double click WD icon. Automatically asked me if I wanted to update. Did this and hey presto, Passport appeared on desktop and has been OK.

Failing that go to Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support and download WD security for mac and WD drive utilities for Mac. I think this does the update by a different route.

Hope this helps. Stony silence from support when I generated a ticket re this.

Thanks Clive - It seemed to help because my disk mounted for a second after the installation but now back to the same with all of these installed… They don’t see the drive and my disk utility still doesn’t see it either even though I know all the files are there. But if I can’t back up my computer which I urgently need to do, what good is the drive, I cant very well take it round to other people’s houses whenever I need to use it! Am starting to feel like I will have to reformat the drive but then what if it still isn’t recognised… Any other ideas?