WD Elements Play doesnt read info

i replaced the internal HD of my WD Elements Play with the exact same Harddrive. The pc recognises the hardrive and i’m able to load and play the files, however, when i connect it to the tv, it just reads the Harddrive, shows folders but no contents, Please help.

After installing it, did you reformat it?  

If not, try that, and also do a reset to factory default after the reformat.

Can you access the files when the WEP is connected to a computer via the USB?

Yes can access the file via USB when connected to a PC.

Then make a file system check on the drive (right click drive icon → properties → Tools → Error-checking), but WITHOUT the option “Automatically fix file system errors”.

How do i do a reset to factory default?

Via the menus:



Reset to Factory Defaults

(At least, that’s on the G2.  Not sure about the G1 menus, but I suspect they’re the same.)