WD Elements Play - Folders are being displayed


First time when I plugged my WD Elements Play to the television, I was able to see folder listings. But today when I tried connecting the WD Elements Play, nothing is displaying in the folder listings. 

I copied couple of files to an USB drive & connected to USB port  Elements Play, I was able to see the contents from the USB drive. But I am unable to see the contents from the WD Elements Play.

Please help

Thanks in Advance,


What if you connect the EP to your computer and check if there’s a problem with the internal drive of the EP?


something like that happened to me. But, when I connect the WD to the pc, i can see the folders but as “direct acces” folders. I enter and i see the content as usual, but, on tv it doesn`t recognise the folders. 

This could be because I unplugged the usb cable without the “secure mode”

Is there a solution for that?

How can I check that the internal drive is Ok?