WD Elements Media Player - File Name Issue?

Ok, so i brought a Media Player to watch films n docs through my TV. This one specifically hxxp:// www.svp.co.uk/product.php?product=WESTERN-01013

I have a really unusual problem. I’ve transfered a bunch of films over and for some reason all the PART 1 files in a folder will not play correctly. The picture comes up, without sound, but it is almost as if it is playing in fast forward. The files named PART 2 all play flawlessly. This is happening for every single folder with 2 or more files in it. I should also mention that the PART 1 and PART 2 files are exactly the same on ‘paper’ but obviously just the second part of a movie or doc.

It’s really strange. I’ve restarted, re-transferred but the same problem is occurring over and over again.

Any clue as what could be the problem? I’m thinking it could be a faulty product but at the same time it plays all files properly except for the first file in a particular movie folder. Anyway - I’m baffled and was wondering if anyone had a clue as to what the **bleep** is going on!?

Thank you!!

This files are in the internal drive of the WD Elements or in a drive that you connect to the USB port of the device?

If they are in the internal drive of the WD Element, if you transfer the files to a USB drive and try to play them, the same thing happens?