WD Elements drive worked with Mac OS X and now it won't show up on desktop

I moved a lot of items over to the Elements drive from Mac and had no problem for a little bit, but then it started telling me that I could not save items to the drive. I also had a problem where it did not show up on the desktop, which I remedied by simply disconnecting and reconnecting the drive. But now I’ve disconnected and reconnected the drive and it won’t show up on the desktop at all, even though I check the disk utilities and look at the USB ports and it recognizes the drive there. Anybody know how I can get the computer to recognize the drive again and give me an icon so I can open it?

what is the model of the elements? Did you  officialy format the drive for mac?

If your model is a desktop is it connected into a wall outlet?

Elements model - WDBAAU0020HBK

Yes, I formatted it for Mac.

Mac is a desktop and is plugged into a power strip connected to a wall outlet, so there shouldn’t be too much fluctuation in power.