WD elements external hardrive won't show up on Mac

I’ve had a WD elements 1TB storage for just over a year- have stored all my families photos on it. Now my mac as stopped recognising it at all. doesn’t show up in disk utilty- it’s turns on when plugged in (can see light and hear disc spinning) but just doesnt mount the mac

have tried it in an other mac- no luck

Please help

Hi there,

Have you tried using a different USB cable? If the unit has a power adapter also try to connect the power adapter directly to the wall see if this helps.

Any updated? I’m having the same problem with my mac and external

Hi ArMak,

I have just bought a new WD Element 1T and I am facing the same issue JackBanting had. can you share any advice on this?

I have also look for it within the Disk Utility and it is not being recognized anywhere.