WD elements 2TB shows only 29GB plz Help!

I bought 3 drives from street man … each as a 2TB … but once i formatted them they showed as 29 GB each … the outside cartoon package matches the inside product in color and shape and emboss of wd logo in center … as shown here in pictures :

but not in information as when i goto to format a drive it say : TOSHIBA MK3029GACE USB Device …

despite its western digital ?

the packages says its made in China while in the bottom of the packaging says thailand !
and works in windows 7 also in windows Vista . but i have windows 10 only at this time .

i tried repartitioning but only one partition is shown which is the 29GB … i tried all ways repartitioning without success .

do i got cheated ? the product has warranty .

here another two image maybe helpful

Sounds like the “Man on the Street” sold you Fake WD Elements. Were they cheap ? if so … apply the rule, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is”

First Red Flag: a WDBACX5000ABK-01 is a 500GB HDD, not a 2TB (also, No Serial Number ? all WD HDD’s have a Serial Number which is used for warranty.)

Second Red Flag: if you google “TOSHIBA MK3029GACE USB” you’ll find that’s a 30GB SATA drive … the ‘man on the street’ probably swapped out the WD hard drive inside the case for it.


Third Red Flag: … if you disassemble one of them to look inside and see this (below) … then you’ve definitely been scammed. (also, if you find a TOSHIBA MK3029GACE USB SATA Hdd inside … then you’ve also been scammed.)

there is around 48 pins … with 4 pins (included) apart from the rest maybe for power .

and i saw a way to format it and partition it using windows 7 .,. there is a way for it to restore
the disks geometry . but i lost the address .

well, that’s undeniable proof you were scammed … having a 30GB Toshiba HDD in a WD Elements 2TB Case.

And they also scrubbed the HDD Capacity off the label.

It’s a 30GB HDD … your drive on the LEFT and a Photo i found from a Google Search on the RIGHT.

Hope “the man on the street” didn’t scam you out of pocket too much.

Sorry, but you’re on your own with this … WD will not offer you any support.

You should have purchased a WD Elements 2TB from a reputable retailer or online store and then you wouldn’t be in this situation.