WD Elements 2TB External Not Turning On

I bought my brand new 2TB external off Amazon and received it yesterday. I started to add files to it from my computer yesterday and when I finished, unplugged it and took it home. Today, upon arriving to work, I plugged it into my computer then plugged in the power source (just as I did yesterday) and it won’t turn on. No light or anything and it isn’t popping up in “My Computer”… What happened? There was no violent impact or anything from the ride home and back to work. I used the same power supply and USB that came in the box. The only thing I stored on the drive was about 20gb of mp4 videos and a few PowerPoint files. 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

Is the drive power adapter directly connected to a wall outle? If not try it.

Yes, it’s plugged directly into the wall and no light is flashing and it’s not popping up on my computer

I suggest you cal WD tech for this issue. They’ll know what to do.

Appreciate the help. I’ll give them a call this afternoon.