WD elements 10tb makes a repeated clicking noise like a heartbeat but strong every 5 seconds while it's idle and working

I’ve bought today wd elements 10tb new. It makes a repeated clicking noise like a heartbeat but more strong every 5 seconds while it’s idle and working apart from regular working acceptable sound which is not disturbing. If I put may hands on it or grap it, I feel it physically as well. Is this acceptable?

I checked harddisk health with both western digital data life guard diagnostics and crystal disk info softwares. They both say it’s fine.

But this sound is annoying. And afraid of it being defective.

How are your wd elements? Is this acceptable?

a rattling noise in idle and while working similar to pneumatic hammer every 5 minutes.

I’ve got my WD Elements 10TB 2 weeks ago and just happen to open it today. I also feel the same way. about every 5 seconds, there is a beat click from the disk.

How is yours now?

Just found the answer

It’s fine thanks:) I asked in amazon.com, amazon.co.uk about this issue and more then 30 people returned to me with replies and almost all of them said it’s not acceptable and not typical. Then I returned it back to service in warranty for replacment and they agreed. But the new one was like the old one. I called service and talked about they said it’s typical nothing wrong. If not it won’t work properly. We changed the first one so that you feel well. Now I use it. I trusted in what technical service had said.

My WD elements 8tb started making this ticking noise September when transferring data or reading off of it. I was away all summer so who knows what happened to it. However on November 21 I received my WD mybook 10 terabyte which I have been transferring all the data to over the last 2 days and I got to say it sounds like a airplane engine. What I’m going to do is store the mybook safe and continue to use the 8tb myelements until it finally dies. I have been collecting files since 2007 and it would be a disaster to lose it

My 10TB MyBook is also making noise, I too was going to use it as a backup. But it Thumps about every 5-8 seconds or so. In the past when a External HD made this sound it was the kiss of death for the drive!? Has WD responded to this problem I see I am not the only one. I bought it in October it Partitioned fine I just was getting ready to use it this week. I tried contacting support but they have one of those forms that just keeps asking you to fill in all the information every time you hit submit. :roll_eyes:

I have the same thing. More like a heartbeat. I wonder why they use the word “clicking”, because this sounds nothing like a click. I wonder if either clicking and thumping are different conditions, or they used the word “clicking” when “thumping” would have been more accurate?

According to this, it’s perfectly normal; it’s a safety procedure the drive uses:
WD clicking

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My brand new 12TB makes this “heartbeat” too. Wow, what an annoying “feature”.