WD Element Plug and Play USB 2.0 750GB not detected on MacOS Sierra or Windows PC

Hello, Need some help please from the community experts here. First posting so don’t kill me and I’m sure I’ve forgotten details too.

I have about 500mb’s worth of family photos on this drive that I do not want to reformat over. I had used this drive with a PC computer before. The laptop was zapped when I used a poor replacement battery and instead of replacing the windows laptop, I went with MBP.

No matter what I do, I have followed several steps from all different sources that I could find online such as powering off and unplugging and using Disk Utility and downloading Fuse and Tuxera, WD software, drives etc, but the drive is not recognized by my iMac or either of my MBP’s. I have just tried it on a windows laptop as well with no success at my office. So it’s not seen by a 2015 Mac or Windows XP machine (5 years old).

The WD Element seems to be spinning fine (it’s certainly spinning when I pick it up and rotate it) and powers on without issue. I’ve checked and swapped the USB cable with a brand new identical cable. Same result - not working.

If I can’t get the drive to be recognized, can I recover the media files off this? I could care less about the mechanical item now as I’m in salvage mode only. If I can keep the WD Element then great. I have redundant back up with Apple Time machine and raid storage now (except for these pictures of my son when he was a baby).

I really hope that someone has a solution on this. I’m open to all suggestions or ideas. Thank you for your help and time.

Hello thevue1401,

Is your drive is showing up in Disk Utility?
Have you tried to connect the drive in Windows 7/8/10 computer?