WD Element - Not recognizing on mac

I started to use the HDD and it was working fine on my macbook and after a few weeks it all of a sudden it stopped recognizing on the mac.

I’ve looked on disk utility aswell as try locating on terminal but nothing. The HDD works fine on other macs and microsoft just not on mine. When i plug in another HDD on my mac it works fine.

Its formatted to exFat, as i changed it when i first bought it.

Any ideas that could help solve the problem?

Thanks Anthony Reale

Hello anthonyreale, welcome to the WD Community. Have you tried using another USB cable to connect the drive? Also be sure to connect the USB cable directly to the PC, if you are using a USB powered hard drive, longer USB cables or USB hubs can cause issues. 

Hey jubei04,


Im using a USB powered HDD and the cable is only 1 metre long. i have been connecting the USB cable directly to the PC.

Thanks Anthony Reale