WD DX4000 sentinel, 0ABYK015 bios flash

Hi All,

I’ve followed some topics and tutorial on how to have OMV running on DX4000:
I’ve successfully had access to the bios with the serial to TTL FT232 interface + the VGA output ( just a little bit blury).
But I did a mistake like some other guys: I changed the screen resolution in the bios which corrupted the bios!!!
Now I’m stuck at the booting screen: press DEL to enter setup.
I removed the bios chip ( U26 Winbond W25X20BL) and read it with a chip programmer: the dump is almost empty, and the size is just few KOctect.
Do you know where i can download the bios flash to reprogram it?
If someone has it, can you please share it.

Best regards


I believe that you removed the incorrect chip. The bios is a 16 mbit SPI flash part, while the one that you removed is only a 2 mbit SPI flash part. The one that you removed, is probably U4 and that is the config flash for the ethernet controller.

The part that you want is labeled confusingly on the board. It says U32 and U36 right next to it, though it is in fact U26. The board design allows for a couple of different configurations. U26 is the actual SPI flash for the bios and U32 is the designator for the optional socket that can be installed for the flash. U36 is left over from when there used to be a DIP-8 footprint on the board. The designer never bothered to remove that from the silkscreen.

Remove the correct part and you will see that it is far from empty. Lots of stuff, but I doubt that you’ll be able to locate the section where the bios resolution is located. I have a working 15 bios dump somewhere, but of course it contains much more than just the bios. It also has the unit serial number, exact model number, etc. That may cause some problems for you, assuming that I can find it in the first place.

hi,friends.i needs the DX4000 BIOS file,the chip is w25q16cl .my mail : forwinson@hotmail.com, thanks!