WD Drive Utilities Complete Drive Test Stalls Out

I’m attempting to run the Complete Drive Test on my Ultra 2tb drive as Windows 10 won’t open the drive, is not accessible because “the parameter is incorrect.”

The Drive Test won’t progressive beyond the 90% complete point. Its been at that point for 12 hours now.

How to fix?


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/24249

Thank you but this doesn’t really address the problem: the drive, full of data, worked fine two weeks ago and suddenly doesn’t. Formatting the drive and losing everything on it isn’t a solution.

Again, thanks.

Hoop…strange message about “parameter”…you only get that when running Complete drive test?

  • what happens when you, under Explorer…rt click the drive to properties…is it close to full?
  • can you visit and see files in the 2tb drive with Explorer…if using Backup, the swstor folder contains History (5copies) and Volume(1recent) copies of the backup…
  • I looked at the link WD sent above, my Passport Properties looked different in the 1st screen

The parameter msg comes when I try to open the XT drive in my PC. It used to display as My Passport but now shows up as “J:” and will not open. I get the parameter error msg. The drive is a 2 TB drive and isn’t close to full.

The conundrum is why was it fine 10 days ago but isn’t now.