WD Drive Unlock

I have a 3.0 TB My Passport Ultra, with WD Drive Unlock Version (2015).

When I connect my passport, the app opens automatically and I type my password, but when I press tab to get to the unlock button, it skips it. It is very frustrating, because I have to move the cursor over the button. The ideal way of doing this should be to hit enter right after typing the password and unlock it, but nevertheless, tab key should also work.

WD Drive Unlock Version worked with the enter key method, it is a shame it doesn’t in the updated version. (Not to mention it looked better aesthetically).

Do you know if there is a better way of doing this?
How to upgrade the WD Drive Unlock?


You should try to reinstall and reconfigure WD Security in this concern. If there is an issue with the firmware or version, then it will get updated with the latest version.

However, you may also use Auto Unlock feature which allows you to auto unlock and accessible to anyone using the currently logged-in user profile on your PC only. Your device will auto unlock when the device is connected to the computer with the user account logged in with which the feature was enabled