Passport ultra was set to auto unlock but since installing new MB unlock CD is blank when opened-please help

Can anyone help please. My Passport was set to auto unlock when plugged into my Win 7 PC and used to work perfectly…until I updated my motherboard. Now the unlock CD is visible in explorer but the passport itself is hidden and shows as not initialised in disk management. When I double click the unlock.exe the unlock dialogue box opens but is totally blank inside, just a plain grey rectangle. I realise that this is probably because of the hardware change. I’ve already had to verify my copy of Windows. Is there any way I can unlock and access my drive?..Please?

Many thanks in advance.

Try installing WD Security or WD SmartWare (Depending on the generation of your unit) in order unlock your unit by means other than the virtual CD.

If this does not work then you may have to unlock your unit on a different computer and disable encryption.