WD Discovery on OSX keeps opening and closing


When I start up my computer, WD Discovery opens for a few seconds, closes, then reopens. This keeps happening indefinitely, and it makes the computer basically unusable since it’s impossible to focus on any other app. The only solution I have found is to delete the WD Discovery app.

I am running OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan. WD Discovery does not appear in my startup apps, so that isn’t the solution.

Would appreciate a fix, since this is essentially a fatal bug.


@jeremylmartin Have you looked at the Knowledge Base?


@cat0w Yes, I have looked there, including the WD Discovery Solutions and Troubleshooting page. Nothing there describes this problem.


I was playing Sims 2 (an addiction) a few minutes ago, and I took some video captures. When I tried opening and viewing them on Quicktime, OS X started acting up. Finder won’t stop opening and closing now, it opens and closes almost instantly. It all started happening when I tried opening Quicktime.
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I also confirm and reiterate that wd discovery has problems installing on my macbook pro 2018. It does not install and continuously install errors. There is no note on how to solve this problem, and this is definitely bad.


I found this new community that you may want to look at and see if an answer can be found there.



Major issue my Macbook Pro 2018 continuously flashes WD to Finder constantly and nothing else can be open. What is the solution?