Issue with WD discovery and macOS Big Sur

Hi everybody,

ever since updating to macOS Big Sur, I have been experiencing issues when I try to use WD discovery.

I can open the app and log in correctly, but after a while the finder freezes and I cannot use it anymore. The other apps that are already open continue to work (except Safari which can no longer load any pages) but to get the MacBook to work properly I need to restart it. Moreover, the MacBook cannot turn off by itself and I have to press and hold the power button.

If I use force quit on the finder, then I cannot open it again and I have to restart the MacBook anyway.

When this happen, it seems that also the fans speed up a little bit.

I’ve already tried to reinstall the app following the instruction here and to reinstall macOS with Recovery mode. Unfortunately, it didn’t help and I’m still facing the same issue.

Any idea on what might cause it and how to solve it?


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I have the same problem, exactly the same! What we can do?? I would love to get an answer! I am seating here since 2 days and now I found the problem…