macOS Big Sur - WD Discovery Hangs Whole System

Installed WD discovery software for Mac desktop (2018 MacBook Pro) with Big Sur newly installed. Tried dragging an image file onto the drive once mounted, whole system hangs, beach ball, Finder can’t restart. Entire machine has to be restarted every time.

I booted in Safe mode, did some other house cleaning, and same thing happens even with a new install of the software.

It takes down my entire system. Any help is appreciated. Don’t install if you are doing critical work.
Thank you

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I have the exact same issue. Even after installing the Big Sur version of WD Discovery, the whole system just hangs, and I have to force it to power down by pressing and holding the power button.

Completely removed WD Discovery from my Mac, and for the moment I’m only using my My Cloud Home for Time Machine, and every time I want to transfer files to the My Cloud, I have to first transfer them to another external hard drive, and then plug it in to the NAS, which is a hassle.

I got a reply back from support that said “
Thank you for reporting the issue with WD Discovery. We are aware and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

I guess we just wait.