Wd discovery incompatible mac os catalina

We are still waiting for a new wd discovery release compatible with mac os catalina. Please.

WD Discovery is compatible with MacOS Catalina
You can download the last version from here

Hi, thank you for your promptly replay. Unfortunately, I confirm you that WD discovery version 4.0.251 is incompatible with MacOS Catalina. It doesn’t work and the folder is no longer accessible via the finder.
Actually version 4.0.251 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.15. All later versions are incompatible (latest Mac OS Catalina corresponds to Mac OS X 10.15.6).
Looking at online comments and posts, I realized that many people have the same big issue. I hope that this problem will be treated and solved asap.

It’s been “working” (as good as it gets) here…
What’s happening?
Did you authorise the extension within the privacy & security preference panel?

yes, of course.

However, I delated the application and installed it again. It seems that the problem is solved (-:

Problem is solved? Great.

This is not the right preference panel you are showing.

The error message from Discovery is the one that showed to force update to version 4.