WD Discovery bundled software on My Passport - alternatives?

I’d be interested to hear people’s views on the WD Discovery software bundled with My Passport drives nowadays. I’ve had a number of My Passports over the years, with different backup softwares, mainly WD Smartware, I think but the current one seems to be particularly restrictive and impenetrable. Can I really only set backups as part of a plan, so set to be done once a day/week/month or whatever? Is there no option just to do a single backup when you want to? I’ve attempted to back up two very large folders on it (containing the contents of a previous computer), but can’t see clearly that it’s done the second one at all, although there’s plenty of space available. I’m wondering whether to try a different software just to make sure I have got it all backed up. Would I be better off using WD Acronis True Image?

It all just seems to give me so much less in the way of options than the previous software did, and I can’t see what it’s doing at all.

Yes, you can backup data manually using any WD backup software, i.e. WD Backup or WD Smartware. You can view the backed up content from “WD Backup/Smartware.swstor” file folder under Volume. A new backup of different computer will be added up in the same “WD Backup/Smartware.swstor” with different computer name under Volume.

You may refer these KBA’s for further details:

WD Acronis True Image used to create a clone image copy of hard drive whereas WD backup software supports only data files to backup. It won’t backed up system generated files and software.