Are both WD Backup and WD SmartWare necessary?

When I received the My Passport Ultra external drive, it came with WD Backup on it, which I installed. Since that time, I downloaded and installed the free WD SmartWare application (not the Pro version). Now it appears I have backups running for both the WD Backup and WD SmartWare products (with separate storage folders named ‘WD Backup.swstor’ and ‘WD SmartWare.swstor’). It appears the content in both storage folders are identical.
Question: Shouldn’t I be able to delete WD Backup and just use WD SmartWare going forward?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi there,

You can most definitely choose one over the other to use for regular backups.
Simply uninstall the software you will no longer be using from Control Panel, and delete one of the .swstor folder from the drive to free up space.

Hope this helps !

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Feragui - Thank you - that was all I needed to find out. Uninstall on WD Backup worked fine and WD SmartWare keeps working as expected. Too bad I couldn’t find this information in the respective WD user manuals!

You’re welcome !


I always wondered why both were available (WD SmartWare and WD Backup) if they both essentially do the same thing. On my newer laptop, I only installed WD SmartWare and it looks like it’s working fine.